Honoris receives key award as future technologies take centre stage

bizcommunity.com – February 8, 2023
Global education has faced significant disruption over the past three years with a majority of students and learners forced to transition from in class to distance learning. In this paradigm, many learners were expected to manage their workload for the first time while coming to terms with challenges such as time management, self-guidance and the lack of a teacher or guidance councillor to help them manage their emotional wellbeing which is a challenge that is often overlooked in distance learning.

In addition, the pandemic accelerated the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), with new conditions highlighting the value of technology-based communication and learning platforms. Technology also played an increased role in many industries as machines are immune to pandemics.

Tertiary institutions that embrace additional tech-based subjects and include courses designed to help manage the disruption many companies faced during the pandemic are becoming increasingly relevant especially as the public realizes the need to future proof their education and business. Honoris United Universities (Honoris) recently received an award from the World Economic Forum (WEF) for its work around embracing both of these aspects in their educational content.

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