Honoris Holds Learning Expedition to Harvard’s Africa Business Conference 2024

18 February 2024 – For the second consecutive year, Honoris partnered with the 26th Africa Business Conference on campus at Harvard Business School in February.

During the two-day event, Honoris contributed to two critical topics discussed among engaging varied panels from across sectors and geographies. Verusha Maharaj, Managing Director of Red & Yellow Creative School of Business in South Africa, spoke on a panel that addressed the crucial need to focus on the future of work and skills in Africa’s demographic dividend. Melindi Britz, Managing Director of Honoris United Universities Digital Division, spoke on the rising opportunities for Artificial Intelligence to transform the sustainable scale and widening access of education across the continent, whilst reiterating the crucial need for developing an ethical and unbiased framework.

In addition, four South African Red & Yellow Creative School of Business students who were crowned winners of the Honoris Impact Competition in 2023 had the opportunity to present their innovative project at the Harvard Innovation Lab, receiving vital support and advice from Harvard iLab staff. They were also invited to join live classes with first-year MBA students, experiencing the impactful case method as part of the core curriculum firsthand.

The team also had the opportunity to meet privately with Professor Anywhere Sikochi (Siko), PhD, MBA, a faculty affiliate to the Center for African Studies at Harvard University, who was particularly inspired by the story of growth and impact in Africa at Honoris United Universities.