Honoris Career Center Tunisia launch in Tunisia

Tunis, June 17th, 2021 – The people of Honoris in Tunisia are dedicated to our students’ employability; and the newly launched multi-institutions Honoris Career Center in Tunisia that gathers the Career Centers of Université Centrale, IMSET, AAC, UPSAT is an outstanding achievement of this commitment.

Honoris’ skills development and career services work closely with students along their journey to ensure they have the skills to find the most relevant jobs and the most job-appropriate skills. This includes one-to-one counselling, career development workshops and webinars, speaker series, job readiness training, and interview preparation, among others.

The physical spaces, such as the new-age Career Centre and the Collective Lab, work in tandem with the digital career centre to provide an engaging 21st century learning experience and contribute to gathering the educational ecosystem, industry partner and alumni to network and co-create. Honoris delivers these services through a seamless integration between digital and physical spaces. The digital career centre is a platform that brings together students, alumni, companies, and institutional counsellors for employability training. In addition, with 4IR skills always in sharp focus, students and alumni also have access to a comprehensive skills development program and virtual internships opportunities on the continent to provide valuable international work experience to our students in an immersive virtual environment.

Congratulations and thank you to the team involved in bringing this beautiful vision to fruition.