Group CEO Jonathan Louw joins HolonIQ for Back to School Summit NYC

7 September 2023 – On the theme UpSkilling Developing Economies in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, HolonIQ gathered together 200 CEOs and influential leaders from leading organizations, major institutional investors, and global foundations for two days of presentations, roundtable sessions, and private meetings in September.

Speaking in a roundtable discussion alongside IFC, IFE Tecnológico de Monterrey, and HolonIQ, Jonathan Louw made clear that growing youth demographics in developing markets are still an opportunity, if the education sector creates innovative, future-focused curricula that leads to a successful transition into the world of work.

There’s a strong chance that one-third of all people on earth will be African by 2100. Today however, more than one-third of the continent’s population is undernourished. Across Latin America and the Caribbean, Climate Change may mean the region could be facing significantly worse long-term economic prospects and exacerbate inequalities. In both cases, each region’s economic strength lies in its people. The real potential of Africa and Latin America is in the energy that each region’s people bring to everyday life.

The session shared insights on approaching upskilling and post-secondary education against a backdrop of emerging technologies such as AI and the geopolitical, economic, labor and education system backdrop we live in today.