Graduation Ceremony of 2017 class of REGENT Business School, the leading Private Higher Education Institution in South Africa

Durban – September 16th, 2017

REGENT Business School hosted their Graduation Ceremony at the International Conference Centre in Durban. REGENT Business School is a leading business and management private education provider in the Southern African region and a member of Honoris United Universities. The event, the largest in terms of graduates, was officiated by Professor Marvin Kambuwa, with other keynote speakers, the school founder Professor Karodia and the CMO of Honoris United Universities, Ms Laura Kakon.

This magnificent and emotional ceremony was the culmination of hard work where hundreds of students were rewarded for their academic effort in the presence of their mentors, parents and families.
In total 1,350 students graduated with 57% female graduates. Whilst the majority of graduates came from the Southern African Region, the other part was from Central, East and North Africa. A sprinkling of graduates came from USA, India, Mauritius, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Britain.
Students graduated in key programmes, including: Bachelor of Commerce Degrees, Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degrees, Diplomas, Higher Certificates, Post Graduate Diplomas and MBA Degrees. A total of 137 students received their diplomas, certificates and degrees with Cum Laude awards – a noteworthy achievement for both the students and REGENT Business School. In addition some graduates received their diplomas, certificates and degrees with Meritorious Awards.
Mr Ahmed Shaikh, the Managing Director of RBS on 2017 Graduation Ceremony:
“In the new Digital Era it is important for graduates to remember that they will have to be life-long learners and empower themselves with new skills and competencies throughout their working lives. I hope that REGENT Business School prepared them for their life ahead and wish them the best for their future”.