ESPRIT Heightens Focus on AI Education Through Strengthened Partnership with Nvidia

28 March 2024 – ESPRIT proudly announced the acquisition of the NVIDIA DGX™ A100 8GPU 640GB workstation, featuring the largest AI computing power in Tunisia and among the highest in Africa.

The DGX A100 acts as a complete system for a variety of AI workloads, such as analytics, training, and inference. This delivers increased opportunities for learning and innovation, marking a significant improvement in computational capabilities to prepare students for success.

Through its partnership, ESPRIT currently has 8 teachers who are NVIDIA DLI university ambassadors, certified to lead workshops in cutting-edge technologies including AI, accelerated computing, and data science. 5 of the 8 ambassadors at ESPRIT are women.

NVIDIA DLI has certified University Ambassadors at hundreds of institutions across the world. The number of ESPRIT ambassadors has tipped the balance in favour of Tunisia, which is now ranked 2nd worldwide after the UK in terms of the number of certified ambassadors.