EMSI students win medals for Morocco in top international invention show

Casablanca, May 14th 2020

The Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences (EMSI) won three medals at the international invention show, AsianInvent Singapore 2020, which was held online on Thursday May 14th.

Despite the difficulties of the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown measures that have been instituted across the world, Morocco was able to stand out, earning acclaim for three of its inventions at the Singapore event, which is the most important innovation show in Asia.

“Our research laboratories have been able to carry out amazing work despite the difficult times that Morocco and the whole world are experiencing. We are proud to have been able to put our expertise in scientific research towards contributing to the development of inventions and innovation in Morocco,” said the president of the EMSI group, Kamal Daissaoui.

The inventions were judged by an international panel of specialists, and validated by members of the European Academy of Sciences.

Morocco, represented by EMSI’s research, development and innovation laboratories SMARTiLAB and LPRI, were awarded medals for the inventions “A Smart Micro Wind System for Auxiliary Electrical Energy Production”, “Micro Hydro-Aeolian Production for A Position Energy Building” and “An Intelligent, Efficient and Digital Hospital Management Ecosystem”.

The invention, “Micro Hydro-Aeolian Production for A Position Energy Building”, which won a gold medal, provides of source of electrical energy at motorways or other roads. The system mixes two types of wind turbines and transforms and exploits the energy of an air stream.

The innovation, “A Smart Micro Wind System for Auxiliary Electrical Energy Production”, which was awarded a silver medal, provides an auxiliary source of positive electrical energy in buildings. The system uses a hybrid arrangement of three blocks that allow the collection, transformation and exploitation of hydraulic or wind energy.

The project, “An Intelligent, Efficient and Digital Hospital Management Ecosystem”, which won a bronze medal, is an intelligent hospital management ecosystem for a patient in a critical situation. The invention ensures the follow-up of the patient through an efficient and secure digital medical file which promotes archiving and medical summaries. The system, which allows for better follow-up and decision-making in real time by the doctor, significantly contributes to improving quality of healthcare and a patient’s condition while improving the efficiency and daily functioning of a doctor or healthcare facility.