Employability Rates Give Positive Outlook for Next Generation of African Talent

April, 27 2023, our employability success is featured in this University World News article, which announces the launch of the first Honoris Student Employability Report.

We are proud that we are able to share an 83% employability rate for both working adults and school leavers combined across the Honoris network. This is a remarkable feat amidst an increasingly challenging world of work and is thanks to our Education for Impact mission that ensures graduates entering the workforce are equipped with 21st-century skills to thrive amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

From building partnerships with some of the world’s largest organizations, increasing capacity in high-growing sectors such as STEM, fostering entrepreneurship throughout our dynamic student body, or instilling 21st-century skills at the core of each institution, this report is a collection of inspiring and transformative examples of success.

Honoris congratulates the hard work of our employability teams. It is thanks to their resilience, tenacity, and commitment that we are able to publicly celebrate these figures whilst remaining focused to raise this benchmark in subsequent annual reports.

We continue to dedicate our work to improving student and alumni outcomes through the transformation of career services practices and employability success rates. For now, do take some time to thoroughly explore the report and the collective success of our world-class institutions.