EDUTECH Event In South Africa

Johannesburg – October 10th, 2019

Honoris United Universities is proud to partner with Edutech Africa, an exciting two-day conference and technology exhibition in Johannesburg.

EduTECH is an incredibly inspiring event as it gather 200 world-leading education and training experts, delivering thought-leadership and practical case studies across the entire education spectrum.

Honoris is eager to unite with industry leaders on one mission; to improve the quality of teaching and learning within the African continent. The event will cover thematic topics in education and hear from our Honoris institution leaders involved in critical conversations around thematic topics in education; Professor Kiveshni Naidoo, Academic Programme Director at MANCOSA, Dr Ahmed Shaikh, Managing Director at Regent Business School, and Professor Zaheer Hamid, Academic Director at MANCOSA.
Honoris is proud to have hosted the pre-event where we explored the themes of privatisation of education, the current role and outlook of private education in SSA as well as the opportunities for investing in private education in SSA.

During the session the panelists discussed:

“Education institutions need to start integrating what the industry calls “adoption” programs, where teachers are monitored and are provided help with the integration of technology into education programs. But technology is not a substitute for poor education, it’s there to enhance learning. Technology should be the driver, but if you have poor teachers technology can’t help. We have to ensure that teachers are well trained, so that technology can be leveraged to enhance their teaching skills”

This discourse is key for us as Honoris United Universities. Let us continue to challenge ourselves and our institutions in equipping our teachers with innovative, digital ways of propelling learning forward so that we can adapt to fast-paced change, adopt best practice, and enable our students to learn from top educators.

We heard from our last Honoris speaker Professor Zaheer Hamid, Academic Director at MANCOSA, on the key to digital transformation while maintaining quality.

“We work with students in ensuring that there is an effort to try and galvanize all the efforts that have been put in place by school education to ensure our graduates are highly competitive, agile, and able to pivot and assume success in multiple and diverse contexts. Graduates that are able to find meaning and sense with very little information, graduates that are mobile, that are able to apply themselves in an environment that is rapidly changing. But we fully recognize that we can’t do it on our own. We recognize that we need strong partnerships.”

Honoris is proud to see our institution leaders providing such insight into the digital age. Let us continue to evaluate and develop our approach to teaching and learning in order to enable best practice for our teachers and students. Let’s continue to educate for impact and lead the conversation around quality education.

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