Defining future value will require higher education institutions to step out of their comfort zones – 19 March 2024
Higher education institutions worldwide are currently facing a critical period in their existence. They have to redefine their value proposition to a cohort of students who are not only digital natives but have grown up in an environment where the pace of technological change is quicker than ever before while trying to maintain the core values, principles, and practices that have served them well for centuries.

“This debate is at the core of what Mancosa hopes to achieve in a country where tertiary education is not only a tool that enables personal success, it is also a provider for families and communities,” points out Prof Magnate Ntombela, principal at Mancosa.

One of the guiding documents that many higher education institutions are using is a position paper that was published by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) titled: The Future of Education and Skills; Education 2030. The position paper lists a few pillars of value that higher education institutions should be focusing on.