Business school shows competitive edge in alumni employability – May 8, 2023
In a job market that is challenging, business school be committed to providing an innovative and integrated approach to higher education that prepares graduates to succeed in the 21st-century workplace. With a student population composed primarily of mature working adults, Regent Business School (RBS) offers a range of initiatives and resources designed to ensure success and increase employability.

Stats and students that speak for themselves

In a recent employability report released by RBS, 80% of their students reported being satisfied with the institution, and 93% agreed that the education received at RBS met and exceeded their job requirements. Furthermore, 87% of their alumni were employed at the time of the survey, with many in top management roles such as Managing Directors, CEOs, and Directors of blue-chip companies. These statistics demonstrate the effectiveness of a 4IR approach to higher education in preparing graduates for positive outcomes.

Alumnus Reece Oakes, CEO at Rennie’s BCD Travel had this to say after completing a Master of Business Administration: “I commenced my MBA whilst in the role of Head of Front-End Services at African Bank. The MBA through Regent was key in opening career doors and is a force to be reckoned with. I was blessed to be offered the opportunity to commence the Regent DBA with the first group intake at the start of 2021.”

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