bizcommunity – March 2nd, 2020

Bring down the barriers between education and the real world,” says award-winning SA educationist

Africa’s leading educationist and academic trailblazer, Professor Yusuf Karodia, has cautioned that to sustainably address the challenges posed by the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), policymakers and education advocates on the continent lack to embrace new, digitally-immersive methods to higher education.

Speaking after receiving the African Leadership Person of the Year Award for Education and Development in Sandton, Johannesburg, Professor Karodia, who founded the distance learning institutions Regent Business School and Mancosa, both members of Honoris United Universities, said that traditional approaches to higher education are fast becoming irrelevant amidst rapid global digitisation.

Professor Karodia, 70, has spent the past four decades pursuing new avenues to make quality education accessible to more people in sub-Saharan Africa. He believes that a sustainable, long-term solution to the continent’s education crunch lies in empowerment through relevant education by tapping into the demands made by an increasingly digitised workplace and society.

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