AI Projects & Research Spearheaded By Dr Umar Adam Ibrahim

Doctor Umar Adam Ibrahim, Software Engineering Lecturer at Natural and Applied Sciences, Nile University of Nigeria.

Nile University of Nigeria boasts a diverse range of AI projects and research, spearheaded by Dr. Umar Adam Ibrahim, along with his esteemed colleagues.

Dr. Ibrahim, with Prof. Moussa Mahamat Boukar and Dr. Muhammed Aliyu Suleiman, has embarked on a noteworthy venture focusing on Speech Recognition for Nigerian Languages. Their initial focus lies on the Hausa Language, which holds significant prominence in the West African region.

Their diligent efforts have led to the development of language, acoustic, and speech models for Speech Recognition in Nigerian Languages. These comprehensive models have the potential to facilitate the creation of speech recognition applications for Hausa and other Nigerian languages, thereby benefiting the tech industry.

In addition, Dr. Umar Adam Ibrahim contributes to a research initiative centred around AI for the Energy Sector. The primary objective of this research is to establish models for Predictive Maintenance, Energy Forecasting, and Energy Distribution.

The Predictive Maintenance model aims to anticipate and recommend maintenance measures for the national power grid to prevent catastrophic failures and nationwide blackouts. Similarly, the Energy Forecasting model empowers key stakeholders in the energy sector to accurately project and meet future energy demands, assisting them in making informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

This groundbreaking research in the energy sector is currently in the data-gathering phase and near completion. Once finalised, it promises to revolutionise the energy sector by enabling data-driven decision-making, optimising energy distribution processes, and ensuring overall efficiency.