The Pie News – February, 1th 2021

Africa: Honoris teams up with coding bootcamp

Honoris United Universities has announced a partnership with coding bootcamp Le Wagon to open a range of bootcamps across Africa. The pan-African network of private higher education institutions said the move will bolster students’ key competitive 21st century skills and ensure “future-ready” employability at tech and digital companies or other entrepreneurial pursuits.

“The rapidly changing world of work has accelerated the demand for innovative learning methods that emphasise the employability of 21st century learners with digital skills as a core,” Laura Kakon, chief growth & strategy officer at Honoris United Universities, said in a statement.

“It is vital that the education sector respond to global needs with customised approaches to maximise the ROI for students.

“The shared values between Honoris and Le Wagon, including student success and future-proof employability, make this partnership an important step to bridging Africa’s digital skills gap.”

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