A South African Delegation of Honoris Colleagues Enjoy the Africa Tech Festival 2022 in Cape Town

November 10th, 2022 – Africa’s largest technology event took place in Cape Town in November: the annual Africa Tech Festival celebrating its 25th-anniversary special edition. Themed Uniting Business and Technology To Create a Better, More Inclusive Digital World, the event featured a number of tracks and sessions with a particular focus on topics pertinent to the education industry and opportunities in Africa, including the Fourth Industrial Revolution, talent, skills, and the future of work.

Honoris was glad to have leaders from across its four South African institutions in attendance to enjoy the varied agenda, and in particular MANCOSA’s Academic Director, Professor Zaheer Hamid, who was invited to join a panel focused on ‘Bridging the Digital Divide – how to close skills gaps and prepare Africa’s workforce for tomorrow’s jobs’.

Prof Hamid gave his perspectives on why despite its unique challenges, Africa has the opportunity to own its academic curriculum, one that delivers for the potential of our youth demographic and creates a holistic, collaborative digital environment for all to learn.