6 Red & Yellow Students Take Home Prizes at 2023 Loeries Awards as the Institution Hosts Official Masterclass on AI

5 October 2023 – As the official Loeries Creative Week unfolds, Honoris is proud to share that 6 talented students from Cape Town-based Red & Yellow Creative School of Business were awarded prizes at The Loeries awards.

As part of the week-long celebration of creativity, the winners from Red & Yellow included:

  • GOLD – Amy Cavanagh for “Epilogue” Print & Design Crafts – Illustration
  • GOLD – Duncan Schroder for “Melktert” Package Design
  • SILVER – Vivienne Jansen van Vuuren for “City of Hope” Out of Home
  • SILVER – Hanin Lukie, Athenkosu Ndzombane, Courtney-Anne Froneman for “Zip Zipi” Newspaper, Magazine, Tactical Print
  • BRONZE – Brett Hilsy for “Coffee Shop” Radio Commercial & Branded Content
  • CRAFT – Amy Cavanagh for “Trace” Print & Design Crafts – Illustration

For another consecutive year, Red & Yellow played a pivotal role in supporting The Loeries, also hosting a Loeries Masterclass, titled “Me, Myself, and AI.” In the session, leaders from Red & Yellow delved deep into the future of creativity within the realm of machine learning, examining how AI is set to impact employment in the creative industry, why human creativity is still the world’s most sought-after skill, and how AI tools can enhance and not detract from this.

The Loeries Creative Week is heralded as the most prestigious event In South Africa’s creative calendar and the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business – South Africa’s leading authority in marketing, design, and creative leadership – is proud to be an official partner of this year’s event. Red & Yellow is committed to nurturing South African creative business talent and this partnership, with one of the world’s most renowned brand communication and marketing awards organizations, recognizes how the school continues to prepare the next generation of imaginative leaders. This year, 14 students in total were nominated for the prestigious awards.