Tunisia students share online learning

Student Experience by Honoris staff writer

MyU student platform expanded to virtual learning hub

Students at Honoris institutions across Tunisia have moved to online learning through an expanded and upgraded student platform called MyU. The platform, shared by students at Université Centrale, The Académie d’Art de Carthage (AAC), and Institut Maghrebin des Sciences Economiques et de Technologie (IMSET), gives access to online course content, interactive virtual class sessions and forums, such as FAQs between students and teachers.

Students from the three institutions share their experiences with using the e-learning platform.

Imen Zayen

AAC Tunisia-Nabeul - 1st year BTS - Decoration and interior design

“The world has witnessed the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, a threat to our lives, and, as with many other sectors, the education sector has been severely impacted. Thankfully, as a design student, our MyU platform, which before the crisis provided my exam marks, timetable, news and the latest research in my field, has recently offered us the opportunity of e-learning. This learning platform makes it possible for us to follow engaging courses, communicate, interact and collaborate directly.”

Diana Salibi

Université Centrale – 3rd year Business English

“What is great about the MyU platform is that access to courses is only one click away. The courses are sent to us, and every week we attend video-conference courses with our teachers. We third-year students are preparing our end-of-training report, and our mentors are doing their best to help us succeed and provide whatever we might need. Thanks to the IT and administrative teams of Honoris United Universities, as they have made our educational life easier and more accessible for us during the crisis.”

Maysaa Klai

IMSET Tunisia – 2nd year International Business

“I’m an international business student at IMSET and I have always used MyU to check my lessons online, my schedule, and any classes I may have missed. Especially now during this coronavirus pandemic, I am happy to have MyU because it has facilitated being able to continue my studies smoothly, overcoming many obstacles, and making me feel like I’m still part of the student community.”