— Ecole d’Architecture de Casablanca (EAC) – Morocco

Phone: +212(0) 522 750 375


The EAC is the first private school of architecture and landscape to be accredited by the Moroccan State and which issues a recognized state diploma

Located in Casablanca, the economic capital of the Kingdom, the EAC’s founding principles are excellence in training and teaching, centered around the challenges posed by major economic and population growth in Africa’s cities and territories.

Created by renowned architects in 2004, EAC is a government initiative founded on a forward-looking vision to encourage students to constantly question the future requirements they will have to meet and the skills they need to acquire to do so.

The courses available focus on theoretical and practical approaches to architecture and landscaping, enabling students to build careers in private professional practice or planning and urban management within local communities and central governments. The training courses, combined with compulsory internships, offer the possibility of exchanges and the continuation of studies abroad.

Ecole d’Architecture et de Paysage de Casablanca offers diplomas recognized by the Moroccan state.

EAC provides two areas of study:

  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • 1st prize – 2018 Metallic Architecture Competition
  • 1st prize – Casamémoire 2016 contest
  • 2nd Prize 2016 – Holcim Awards International Forum
  • 3rd Prize – 2015 Archigenieur contest
  • 1st prize – 2015 Essec Campus international competition of Rabat
  • Commendation and exhibtion at the 2015 Casablanca BombingRooms competition
  • 1st prize – 2015 EAC “Stand Up” contest
  • 3rd prize – ArchiGénieur Africa contest by Afrikarchi in 2014 for the creation of a market in Africa
  • 3rd prize – FADA Foundation 2014 ideas contest for the construction of a habitable structure in the desert
  • 1st prize – 2014 CNDH booth
  • 1st prize – 2013 International Holcim Awards Forum
  • 4th prize, selection for the exhibition AFRIKARCHI Archigénieur 2012
  • 2nd prize – 2010 Holcim Awards International Forum

Facilities include:

  • Classrooms and training rooms
  • Architecture and plastic art workshops
  • Computer lab
  • Materials and audiovisual labs
  • Conference room
  • Documentation center
  • Model workshop
  • Civil engineering lab and materials library
  • Sport grounds
  • Snack bar
  • Academic and professional partners across Africa and Europe

Located in Casablanca, in the heart of a metropolis of four million inhabitants, EAC also has included among its founding principles the respect of international training standards and education that addresses challenges relating to architectural creation, the landscape and metropolisation.