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Mechell Chetty, HR Vice President at Unilever Africa, South Africa

Crucial to understanding what skills are needed for tomorrow’s career market, we asked Mechell Chetty, HR Vice President at Unilever Africa to share her views on the coming trends:
“In the future, there will be more flexibility in the talent ecosystem; freelancers, crowdsourcing, partnerships, etc. Working from home and flexible hours will become the new normal after COVID, employers will become hyper digitised. Hierarchies in organisations will be reduced: everyone can and should lead and everyone can and should follow and people will work for purpose rather than just a salary. Jobs in fields such as E-commerce, digital marketing, data analytics, and R&D will grow rapidly, recommending that students focus on developing skills such as design thinking, digital marketing, content creation, and analytical thinking, which will be in high demand.”