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It is undeniable that COVID-19 crisis is a digital catalyst in changing the way we work, learn, communicate, operate, and collaborate. The digital shift is already on!

Coding is becoming a new literacy and will be the new language of the future of work.

Honoris United Universities, the largest pan-African private higher education network joins forces with Le Wagon, the #1 ranked coding bootcamp worldwide, to provide you with a web development online course.

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About the online coding course

This short yet intensive course will introduce you to the relevant coding skills needed for a beginner software developer. Broaden your horizons and collaborate with developers, designers and other digital professionals.

The course is designed to provide you with a step by step pedagogical bootcamp approach leading to a final project you will build.

In just 20 hours, you will learn how to build a responsive profile and your startup website using HTML and CSS through videos, quizzes and projects.

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30% of the jobs of tomorrow will require coding knowledge

WEF jobs of tomorrow January 2020


Employers consider computer literacy and application of technology amongst the the top 7 skills required for the future workforce

IFC Digital Skills in Sub-Saharan Africa


Coding is the 2nd most popular language people want to learn after english

Pearson Global Learner Survey September 2019


Africa is the world’s fastest-growing continent for software developers

Honoris United Universities is the first and largest pan-African private higher education network committed to educating world-class African Human capital that is competitive in today’s fast-paced, demanding and increasingly digitized labor and start-up markets. Honoris United Universities gathers a community of 45,000 students on 60 campuses, learning centres and via on-line, in 10 countries and 32 cities.

Present in 38 cities across 20 countries, Le Wagon is the #1 ranked coding bootcamp worldwide (ranked as world’s #1 coding bootcamp according to students on Switchup for the 3 last years). Le Wagon brings coding skills to creative people who aim to start their own companies, or add a technical know-how to their skillset through immersive bootcamps in Web Development and Data Science.